A hate crime is a crime motivated by race, religious belief, sexual orientation, political opinion, gender identity or disability. Northern Ireland has seen an alarming increase in hate crime in recent years. Amnesty International voiced concern in August 2016 at the “worryingly high” figure of eight hate motivated crimes reported to the police every day in Northern Ireland.

The Understanding Hate Crime and Related Incidents course explore what a hate crime is and how it occurs. It promotes peace by discussing the impact of hate and the importance of inclusion. It also offers practical steps in understanding how hate crimes may be prevented.  

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the meaning of inclusion.
  • Why does hate-crime and hate incidents exist?
  • Understanding the impact of hate crime on victims and society.
  • Understand how hate crime and related incidents may be prevented within own community
  • Gain a qualification at OCN Level 2


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