Chinese Cultural Awareness

The Chinese community is the largest non EU community in Northern Ireland. The community is a varied community of ‘settled’ and migrant population. The history of the Chinese community in Northern Ireland spans over 40 years and they are into their 4th and 5th generation. Yet since 1997, Chinese people continue to migrate to Northern Ireland for various reasons and many are students at the local universities and colleges. Many speak Cantonese and Mandarin as their first or second language.

Northern Ireland is fast improving relations with China and in recent years remarkable progression has been made in industry and education. In 2014 the Chinese Consulate was established in Belfast.

Chinese culture is rich and varied as evident in its arts, history, cuisine and calendar with festivals.

CRAIC NI offer training, workshops, talks or seminars on the following:

Chinese culture

  • Traditions and cultural values
  • Chinese ethnic groups
  • Diet and Chinese cuisine
  • Religion and faith
  • Chinese calendar
  • Chinese people across the world
  • Chinese community in Northern Ireland
  • Cultural differences between Chinese and Northern Ireland communities


Eileen Chan-Hu, CRAIC NI

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