Hate Crime Awareness Workshop

We are happy to announce that CRAIC NI has joined forces with Unite Against Hate campaign to deliver a Hate Crime Awareness Workshop.

Duration:  ½ Day training

This half day interactive workshop will assist participants to gain better understanding of hate crime and its effects on victims, families, communities and the wider society in Northern Ireland; help to develop skills to support people facing different forms of hate crime; and look at examples of good practice and effective prevention and intervention programmes.

What is covered?

  • Gain an increased understanding of Hate Crime from racism and its effects.
  • Look at Hate Crime and Racism nationally and what this means for your area/ constituency.
  • A better understanding of the challenges faced by communities affected by Hate Crime and Racism and cultural diversity.
  • Practical tools to reduce Hate Crime and encourage positive good relations through race equality.
  • Further develop skills to help you support people from minority ethnic and the indigenous community.

Who should participate?

  • Political and community leaders including parliament and council elected members, community representatives
  • Government Community Relation Officers
  • Service providers in area including policing, housing, health, social support and community safety.
  • NGO staff, including youth workers, community development officers, race relation officers

For more details or to book a session please do not hesitate to contact CRAIC NI team at info@craicni.com

CraicNI -Hate Crime Awareness Workshop Information Pack