‘These Tales are the Stuff of Dreams.’


Tim O’Malley, Community Development Manager at Clanmil Housing said:

“For Good Relations Week this year, Clanmil is bringing the opportunity to celebrate diversity to your home. We are really excited to present five fabulous stories from around the world for families to enjoy and reflect upon. We hope that families will click on our Facebook page each night this week at bedtime and join Liz Weir and the team at CraicNI for a whirl-wind trip around the world.

“These tales really are the stuff of dreams. But as well as entertaining and delighting our young audience at bedtime, they also tell an important story about diversity. We hope the families who tune in also enjoy hearing about some of the different cultures that make Northern Ireland a truly multi-cultural place to live.”


Ana Semedo, CRAICNI Trainer and her daughter Maya enjoying bedtime stories from around the world delivered on Facebook by Clanmil Housing and CRAICNI to mark Good Relations Week 2020.

Celebrating 30 years of Good Relations Week, September 2020 through storytelling with different languages and cultures from 14 – 18 September, every evening at 7pm.

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