We are looking for European partners

Hi, we are CRAIC NI, a training and consulting social enterprise based in Northern Ireland, Belfast focusing on developing and delivering training programmes on diversity, equality and cultural awareness. This year, we would like to start/join a European programme around the topics that we are focusing on. We would like to expand our network and to foster learning based on good practices from other European countries.

In order to deliver the best quality services to our clients on diversity and equality, we have to constantly educate ourselves and explore new models and examples of good practices which could be used by our trainers. Therefore, we are looking to establish working partnerships with training companies, community groups or consultants from across Europe who in their professional lives focus on topics related to migration, integration, diversity, cultural awareness, hate crime and racism. 

If you are interested or know of any organisations or potential partners who would be keen to join this idea, please contact me at info@craicni.com 

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