Polish Christmas Workshop

ffffffPolish Christmas Workshop

The Polish community is widely known for their hospitality and family gatherings, now you have a chance to learn what Polish Christmas culture is all about, here in Northern Ireland!

The two hours Polish Christmas workshop will give you a unique opportunity to discover an authentic atmosphere and spirit of Polish Christmas. Experience beautiful Polish traditions, discover how Polish people celebrate Christmas Eve and make a Christmas tree decoration for yourself whilst listening to Polish carols. Just in time for Christmas!

This workshop will be delivered by two Polish facilitators:

Konrad Pawlaszek – Exhibiting artist, professional art and craft workshop facilitator, educating through art, global citizen,have received an award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland under its Minority Ethnic Individual Artists Award Scheme towards the Polish Traditional & Inter Cultural Paper Craft Project.

Maciek Bator – Polish by birth, Northern Irish by choice where he found his second home. Maciek enjoys the diversity of a modern society, believes in equality and positive human relations. Passionate about making an impact on people by challenging stereotypes and prejudice. Having over 7 years of experience of working with BME sector including Polish and Eastern European communities, involved in establishing a Polish community in Northern Ireland, as well as, several international networks.

For more information or to book a session please contact CRAICNI at info@craicni.com or Maciek Bator at 07930476649

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