We are officially CRAICNI C.I.C

We are officially CRAICNI C.I.C.

It’s almost a year since the idea was ‘craiced’ to set up CRAIC NI, over 6 months of hitting the ground and we are still learning.

We are pleased to announce that CRAIC NI is officially a Community Interest Company from 26 May 2015!

We wish to thank Michelle Wilson and Cecilia Whitehorn of South Belfast Social Enterprise Hub for their support to us and all those who have made it‪ #‎goodcraic along the way!

We can’t wait to go to our next stages to Cultivate Respect, Appreciate Inclusion across Communities in N.Ireland and get ‘craicing!’ 

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 Maciek Bator and Eileen Chan-Hu

Programme Managers/ Co-Founders

What is a Social Enterprise?

  • It is a business that trade to tackle social problems, improve the community, people’s life or the environment.
  • Money is made from selling goods and services to the open market but reinvesting the profits back into the business or the community.
  • Unlike a charity, trading activities are unrestricted. They do not rely on grants and protect their assets for the benefit of the community.


  • Provide advice and support in relation to race, ethnicity and equality issues
  • Foster cultural learning about ethnic communities
  • Lead workshops on topics such as hate crime and responding to racism
  • Manage cross community events
  • Support integration and community relations

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